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Long Island Frostbite Regatta
Sunday, November 3, 2013
Center Island Beach
Oyster Bay, NY

Regatta Website LINK

Notes for this regatta:
  • This is a wet launch (like Housatonic).  Rowers will wade into the water carrying the boat and then climb in.  The race is fairly short - 1500 meters.  Bring extra socks and dry clothes.
  • Race viewing is from a sandy beach.  Bring your chairs
  • Regatta schedule has not  yet been released.  As soon as we get it I will will email it to you
  • Food tent sign-up link will be emailed with the schedule.  We have a much smaller group at this event, so please consider helping
  • Parent/Food tent will just be drinks, bagels, fruit and sandwiches.  There is no grilling on the beach
  • LINK to driving/parking directions.  People bringing the tent will be able to park at the venue with a special pass, all others will use the shuttle bus

Line-Ups updated  10/28/2013
Event 3: Womens Novice 8+   9:16 am
  Entry A: Katie Gervase, Alessandra smicka, Zara Saldanha, Gracie Zaro, Tracy LeBeau, Elizabeth Pettee, Anika Chatterjee, Peyton Williams, Allison DeSpirito
  Entry B: Kimmie Dyrvik, Emma Braten, Hannah Gelnaw, Siobhan Naughton, Tate Aronstein, Katherine Adams, Margaret Seaman, Maggie Owen, Riley Mushkin
Event 4: Mens Novice 8+       9:24 am
  Entry A: Joseph Bartolotta, Greg Shindel, Henry Seth, Ian Davies, Jack Wittenstein, Joey Stack, Jack Reed, Jack Dahill, John Byrne
  Entry B: Claire Hall-Tipping, Brandon Golino, Dylan Rhymaun, James Neville, Josh Klapper, "Charlie" Stanislaw Sokolowski, John Mudd, Brian James, Robert Sillo
Event 6: Mens Novice 4x      9:32 am
  Entry A: Aiden Bridwell, Daniel Cone, Paul Gelhaus, Philipp Bogdanov
  Entry B: Luke Brand, Connor DeMayo, Ethan Geller, Phillip MacNeal
  Entry C: David Dayya, Griffin Hall, Peter Lavieri, Lucas Forlivio
  Entry D: Eddie Tuohy, Dan Marsan, Sam Cortell, Matthew Shindel
Event 14: Mens Novice 4+      10:44 am
  Entry B: Charlotte Rosenberg, Peter McCauley, David Carratu, Jack Shields, Maharshee Roy
Event 20: Mens JV 4x       11:32 am
  Entry A: Juan Pablo Rivera, Price Figurelli-Reid, Maurico Litvak, Emerson Litvak
Event 29: Womens JV 2x        12:44 pm
  Entry A: Ekaterina Dyakova, Jenna Froland
Event 32: Mens Novice 2x        1:08 pm
  Entry A: Riley Marsh, John Norton
  Entry B: Emerson Litvak, Maurico Litvak
Event 39: Womens Ltwt 1x     2:04 pm
  Beatrix Tobey