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Sunday,  April 15, 2018
Port Washington, NY (Long Island)
North Hempstead Beach Park


Navigation address:  

175 W. Shore Road, Port Wahington, NY  11576
(formerly called Bar Beach - Googlemap lists this location as Hempstead Harbor Park)


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Driving Directions

Regatta Parking & Grounds Map

Race Course Map


VERY IMPORTANT:  This is a “wet launch” meaning the rowers carry the boat into the water and then get into it. Olga has requested that every bring a small towel to dry off their feet and wool socks to wear during the race. Water is very chilly this time of year. Rowers usually tuck the socks and small towel (like a wash cloth) into their spandex while carrying the boat into the water, and then dry off their feet and put their socks on after they climb into the boat.

Make a tax deductible donation to Row for Autism.
Friends of Port Rowing began this event with the goal of combining two interests:  love of rowing and the rising number of children with Autism. Head Coach Steve Panzik piloted the event last April.  He reached out to the coaches of our Long Island crew programs and invited them to participate in the regatta, which became sanctioned by USRowing and was sponsored by the Town of North Hempstead.  Seven area high schools participated in the first regatta on our local waters. The event was a huge success and drew a crowd of over 1000 people.