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Maritime Rowing Club offers winter training programs to middle and high school rowers. Weekly training consists of land workouts and a session in the indoor tanks at Yale University. Winter fitness training includes cardiovascular conditioning, weight/strength training, and rowing technique on the erg. All rowers will participate in the CT Indoor Rowing Championship on February 2 and some will compete at the Crash-B’s in Boston on February 24, 2008.  (more information about these under REGATTAS tab)

For more specific information about the MRC Winter Program, including dates, practice times and cost, click here: http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/2639/14684.doc

To register for the MRC Winter Program, download the registration form here and follow the instructions on the form:  http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/2639/14685.doc

Yale Tank Sessions
Following is the schedule for the indoor rowing sessions at Yale (Payne Whitney Gym:  70 Tower Parkway, New Haven, CT):

8:30-9:10am    MRC Girls
9:15-9:55am    Jim and Liz's NCHS athletes
10-10:40am     Olga's NCHS boys and middle school
10:45-11:30am  Yan's Advanced Group and St.Luke's
All athletes need to be AT the tanks 15 minutes before their assigned training time to warm up and stretch.
All athletes should plan 10 minutes after tank session to cool down.

Directions to the Gym can be found on the following link:  http://yalebulldogs.cstv.com/directions/dirpwg.html

Any questions, please contact Liz Trond:  or 854-5492.