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Rowing for New Canaan Crew

New Canaan Crew provides the opportunity for students from high schools across Fairfield County to learn and develop many life skills such as teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and competitiveness through the sport of rowing. The program accepts high school students who want to join the program and abide by the "Code of Conduct“.

There are four distinct crew seasons: The school year starts with the fall season which consists mostly of head races which are longer, 4-5KM time trial races. The winter season is when rowers will focus on training on ergs and in “the tanks”. Spring brings the official racing season which focuses more on 2,000 meter (~1.25 miles) “Sprint” races, culminating with the Youth National Championships in mid-June.  Rowers can continue to train and compete in the summer months as well with Maritime Rowing Club.

For all practices and regatta’s:

  • Boats will be configured at the discretion of the coaches
  • Boats may be comprised of students from multiple schools, but all students must be affiliated with Maritime Rowing through one of its scholastic programs
  • Rowers may race under either the NC Crew or Maritime Rowing Club (MRC) designation, depending on circumstances of boat configuration
  • Rowers are required to wear rowing spandex and sneakers to practice; Team unisuits are required at regattas.
  • Varsity letter will be conferred if all standards are met

New Canaan crew rowers have participated in the US Rowing Youth National regatta, winning medals at all levels. Several rowers have gone on to win medals at the world championship level, for the US National Team and the US Olympic team.

At the beginning of each season, coaches will evaluate athletes and place them into one of 3 levels of rowing: Novice, JV/Varsity or Advanced.


Rower Categories


All new and freshman rowers will join the novice team. In this environment, they will

  • Learn the fundamentals or rowing including standards of safety, basic elements of boat configuration and rigging
  • Be exposed to rowing skills in both "sweep" and "sculling"
  • Be required to attend all practices and participate in designated competitive events.

As each person in the boat has a unique and important role, it is important for all rowers to come together to create overall success


 JV / Varsity:

  • At the discretion of the coaches, students can be promoted to Junior Varsity or Varsity level
  • These athletes must meet rowing fitness standards, such as erg scores, achieve competitive levels of skills in both "sweep" and "sculling" and generally requires a multi-season commitment


 Advanced High School Rowers:

  • The advanced program is for students who want to compete at the highest level of junior rowing and is by invitation of the coaches.
  • It requires a primary commitment to rowing, generally on a multi-season basis, likely to include summer training and racing. Training and development will be integrated with Varsity program, but additional time commitment is required (Practice 6 days/week, 3 hours/day in season)
  • Athletes must meet minimum rowing fitness standards, such as erg scores or strength tests as determined by coaches