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The Mission of New Canaan High School Crew is to provide an enriching and rewarding team sport for New Canaan High School students who are interested in physical and competition challenges and in developing rowing skills and knowledge as an important part of their overall education experience at NCHS.

New Canaan High School Crew will provide the environment to gain these rewarding experiences in both training and competitive situations and permit each student/athlete to advance whether as a novice beginner or experienced competitive rower.

New Canaan High School Crew’s Mission will always place the growth, development and needs of our student/athletes first since their safety, well-being and personal progress are our first priorities. This Mission will be accomplished by building collaborative relationships with key New Canaan stakeholders in the rowing club including: students, parents, coaching staff, Board of Education, New Canaan High School Athletic Department, NC Sports Counsel, The Advertiser, the community, local merchants, and other local and regional rowing organizations.

New Canaan High School Crew is a non-CIAC  (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference) controlled sports team for interscholastic competition. Members of the New Canaan High School Crew team will comply with the CIAC Rules of Eligibility during the Spring Season in order to compete for the New Canaan High School Crew team.