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Volunteer Opportunities


There are so many opportunities to volunteer for the NC CREW TEAM.  Without the help of the many volunteers, the program would not be as successful, and as rewarding for the rowers.


Aread where help is always needed:

Regatta Food Tent - planning, shopping, grilling, set up, take down, cleaning, etc

Towing the Food Trailer

Hosting a team dinner

Being the Chairperson for one of our fundraisers - Erg-a-thon, Pie/Granola Sale, and Plant Sale

Organizing our end of season banquet - Fall season and spring season

Photography and PR

Gear Orders

Hotel Reservations


Please click on the Sign up link to see where we need your help!


If you are having trouble signing up to volunteer or if you have a special skill that you would like to share please contact us