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New to Rowing and Regattas?
It must seem a blur to those of you for whom this is your child’s first season of rowing and/or first regatta. It is for seasoned crew parents as well! Please bear with the sometimes late information about regattas and last-minute requests for papers, etc. 

Note that not every rower competes in each regatta.  And boat lineups can change based on rower availability and attendance, as well as on the particular nature of the regatta.  Therefore, it is very important that you ask your coach which regattas you might be rowing in and plan accordingly.

If you want a “primer” on rowing and regattas, go to US Rowing’s website (www.usrowing.org). They have two pages, “Parents” and “New to Rowing?” that are useful and informative. They won’t deal with our specific agendas and issues, but are helpful nonetheless.  New Canaan Crew has its own brochure So What's a Regatta?  that is very helpful.


Weather & Rowing Attire
As the weather is changing at the beginning of the spring season and the end of the fall season, the athletes' practice attire needs to change as well.  Long spandex (pants and tops), and a splash jacket/vest should be in their gym bags, as well as sweats for after practice.  They should also bring hats and warm footgear.   Once the sun starts going down...even if it was a warm day...the temperatures drop! 
For regattas, rowers should wear their unisuit with a wicking shirt underneath (shirt and spandex for novices), socks, light jacket and stretch pants if very cool. These can be rolled down before the start. In addition, please pack a bag with sneakers or boots, raingear, extra socks, layers to stay warm. It is VERY important to bring enough dry, warm clothing for a long day outside!
We are an outdoor sport....and need to dress for it!
Nutrition for Rowers
Rowers should also bring some water and healthy snacks to regattas and practice.  While there is usually plenty of food at the regatta, rowers sometimes can't get to the food tent ahead of their event.

Top 10 Snacks for Athletes:
1.  1/2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich
2.  granola bars (Nature Valley
, Lara, Kashi)
3.  fresh fruit (bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, etc.)
4.  trail mix
5.  lowfat yougurt
6.  pretzels
7.  smoothies (without dairy pre-workout)
8.  string cheese, whole grain crackers
9.  cereal with milk
10.  carrot sticks and hummus
BEST CHOICE PRE-WORKOUT:  #2, 3, 6 and 7



10. wear your new, white, $110 tennis shoes 10. bring a really comfortable folding chair
9.  come barefoot 9.  bring a newspaper or magazine
8.  bring a camera without a zoom lens 8.  bring extra warm clothing and rain gear - 
       just in case
7.  rely on your child for directions 7.  bring binoculars
    (check the website instead)  
6.  rely on the coaches for directions 6.  bring sunglasses and sunscreen - 
    (check the website instead)      just in case
5.  decide to help the kids carry one of the boats,  5.  Leave a bit earlier than you think necessary.
    especially if you're tall     Nothing is more painful than missing your 
      kid's medal winning performance.
4.  schedule other things to do that day 4.  offer to help:  set up the tent, find a missing
      rower, help keep the area clean
3.  feel timid about eating the food in the team 3.  recognize and congratulate every kid on
    tent  (really, we have plenty)     their racing effort
2.  come with a cooler filled with beer and wine 2.  make sure you know when your kid is 
    (it's a High School function)     racing, and yell like crazy when his or her
      boat passes (just don't yell "Stroke!")
1.  come without using the last clean bathroom 1.  Introduce yourself to the coaches and
    you can find!     other parents as often as necessary until
      you and they feel like part of the cult.