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as submitted June 16,2008
Men’s and Women’s Quads win Bronze at Nationals!!!


18 New Canaan Rowers representing New Canaan High School Crew and Maritime Rowing Club competed in the US Rowing Youth National Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio June 13-15th. The regatta is one of the premier youth rowing events in the country. Just to qualify for this event is an honor and each boat rowed through heats, reps and semi-finals to qualify for their races, Final (places 1-6), Petite Final (places 7-12) and CFinal (13-18). NCHS Crew and MRC had more boats reach the Finals than any other boathouse. 
The quads won bronze medals in two very close races. The Womens 4x (Marianne Hoeft, Janette Kuhn, Kathleen Holec, Patricia Kelley) won bronze medals with a time of 7:13.00, just .23 seconds behind 2nd place and .53 seconds ahead of the 4th place boat. Similarly, the Mens MRC 4x with NC rowers Sam Freedgood and Jordan Mastera along with teammates Carter Aronson and Ben Dann captured bronze with a time of 6:19.10, a mere .05 seconds behind the 2nd place boat and .10 seconds ahead of 4th place. 
In addition, two doubles and a four qualified for Finals. Andrew Campbell and Alec Buckenheimer placed 4th in the Mens Lightweight 2x Final with a time of 7:02.59. Charlie Kelly and Will Dannemann placed 6th in the Mens 2x Final with a time of 7:04.14. Paige Gonye rowed to a 6th place finish in the MRC Women’s Lightweight 4+ with a time of 7:43.62.
In the Petite and Consolation Finals our boats captured a 1st, two 2nd, and a 5th. Anna Musky-Goldwyn rowing for MRC placed 1st in the Womens 4+ Petite Final with a time of 7:30.68. The NCHS Mens 4x (Patrick Cleveland, David Cramer, Jim Kahmann, Ben Hoeft) placed 2nd in the Petite Final with a time of 6:31.95. The Womens 2x (Ellen Penchuk, Jen DeCata) placed 5th in the Petite Final in 8:15.71.  In the Mens 1x, Roger Stone placed 2nd in the CFinal with a time of 7:55.89. 
Complete results can be found on the website www.racetrak.com.  This race ends the season for NCHS Crew. Congratulations to all the rowers who raced in the Nationals and to their teammates at home whose hard work and support made these victories possible!!


as submitted Northeast Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships

New Canaan rowers representing NCHS Crew, Maritime RC and St. Luke’s competed in the Northeast Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship at Mercer Lake on Sunday, May 18th. A total of 10 boats earned 4 Golds, 2 Silvers, 2 Bronzes, a 5th and a 4th place heat finish. The top three finishers in each event qualified for the USRowing Youth Nationals in Cincinnati, Ohio June 13-15.
First Place
NCHS Womens 4x (Kathleen Holec, Janette Kuhn, Patricia Kelley, Marianne Hoeft)
MRC Mens 4x (NCHS rowers Sam Freedgood and Jordan Mastera)
NCHS Mens Ltwt 2x (Andrew Campbell, Alec Buckenheimer)
MRC Womens 4+ (NCHS rower Anna Musky-Goldwyn)
Second Place
NCHS Womens 2x (NCHS rower Ellen Penchuk)
NCHS Mens 2x (Charlie Kelly, Will Dannemann)
Third Place
NCHS Mens 1x (Roger Stone)
NCHS Mens 4x (Patrick Cleveland, David Cramer, Jim Kahmann, Ben Hoeft)
In the Men’s Ltwt 2x, St. Luke’s (Tyler Mink, Andrew Veidenheimer) placed 5th in the finals and NCHS (Colten Karnedy, Dan Berman) placed 4th in their heat.
In addition to the above races, the NCHS crew competed at the CT State Championship at Lake Waramaug on Sunday (no results yet).

New Canaan Rowers Qualify for the USRowing Youth Nationals in Cincinnati, Ohio June 13-15.
Winning Gold at the Northeast Mid-Atlantic Championships this past Sunday were Kathleen Holec, Janette Kuhn, Patricia Kelley and Marianne Hoeft in the W4x, Sam Freedgood and Jordan Mastera M4x, Anna Musky-Goldwyn W4+, Andrew Campbell and Alec Buckenheimer MLtwt2x. Finishing in second place were Ellen Penchuk W2x, Charlie Kelly and Will Dannemann M2x. Third place went to Patrick Cleveland, David Cramer, Jim Kahmann, and Ben Hoeft M4x and Roger Stone M1x.

as submitted St. Luke's Invitational May 11, 2008

On Sunday May 11, 2008 the New Canaan High School Crew competed in the St. Luke’s Invitational. Over 300 rowers in more that 100 boats from NCHS, St. Luke’s, Greenwich High School, Norwalk River Rowing Association, Fairfield Prep, Maritime Rowing Club, Saugatuck Rowing Club, E.O. Smith and Rye High School participated.  
NCHS won gold medals in the following events: Men’s JV 4x (Mike Kucharczyk, Conor Egan, James Lafranchi, Micah Grand), Men’s Varsity 1x (Roger Stone), Women’s Varsity 4+ (Leslie Griffin, Georgie Hurst, Caroline Reiss, TaylorAnne Potter, cox Jenna DeMarco), Women’s Varsity 2x (Ellen Penchuk, Jen DeCata), Men’s Varsity 2x (Will Dannemann, Charlie Kelly), and the Mixed Novice 4x. 
Finishing second were the Women’s Varsity 8+ (Caroline Reiss, TaylorAnne Potter, Liz Perreca, Amanda Glatthorn, Liza Bagley, Maureen Sweeney, Sarah Corapi, Georgie Hurst, cox Jenna DeMarco), the Women’s Varsity 2x (Jessica Rosa, Kenzie Bess) and the Men’s Varsity 4x (Jeremy Rotner, Nick Jackson, Henry Franco, Charlie Campbell). Jackson Krupp and Todd Ferreira rowed within .2 seconds of each other in the Men’s Varsity 1x for 2nd and 3rd place.
Third places finishes were rowed by the Women’s Novice 8+ (Sarah Liffman, Lilly Gorman, Julia Bemis, Sarah Williamson, Rebecca Parrino, Katherine Stevenson, Rachel Patterson, Erin McLevy, cox Samantha Escherich), Men’s JV B 4x and 2x.
The upcoming regattas for the team will be the Connecticut Public Schools State Championships on May 18th and the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Junior Regional Championships May 17th-18th

as submitted Cooper Cup Regatta 2008

On Sunday, April 27th New Canaan Rowers from NCHS Crew, MRC and St. Luke’s competed in the William and Sarah Cooper Cup in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The race course was 2000 meters.  The varsity events had heats to qualify for finals. The JV/Novice events were raced with each heat as a final.

The Varsity boats won a gold medal and 3 bronze medals in the finals along with 2 fourth place finishes and a 6th. The Boys Varsity Lightweight 2x (Alec Buckenheimer, Andrew Campbell) won gold. Winning bronze medals were the Girls Varsity lightweight 4+ (Leslie Griffin, TaylorAnne Potter Caroline Reiss, Maureen Sweeney, cox Jenna DeMarco), the Girls Varsity 4x (Kathleen Holec, Patricia Kelley, Janette Kuhn, Ellen Penchuk) and the Boys Varsity 4x (NC rowers Sam Freedgood and Jordan Mastera). Charlie Kelly and Will Danneman placed 4th in the 2x. Ben Hoeft, David Cramer, Jim Kahmann, Patrick Cleveland placed 4th in the 4x. Dan Berman and Todd Ferreira placed 6th in the 2x. Georgie Hurst, Amanda Glatthorn, Liz Perreca, and Sarah Corapi placed 4th in their heat in the Girls Varsity 4+.
The JV boats captured five 3rd place finishes, a 4th and a 5th.   Roger Stone placed 3rd in his Boys JV 1x. Tyler Mink and Colten Karnedy placed 3rd in the Boys JV 2x. In the JV 4x, Girls (NC rowers Jessica Rosa and Marianne Hoeft), Boys (Henry Franco, Nick Jackson, Charlie Campbell) and Boys (Mike Kucharczyk, Conor Eagan, Jackson Krupp) all placed 3rd. St Luke’s (Colten Karnedy, Micah Grand, Connor Swanberg, Tyler Mink) placed 4th and (Mike Sulla, Scott Zales, Ben Strassmann, Karnes McCarrick) placed 5th .
The Novice boats finished with a 2nd and two 3rd places. The Novice Girls “A” with NC rower Georgie Hurst and cox Charlie Campbell placed 2nd.  The Novice Girls “B” with NC rowers Sarah Liffman, Lilly Gorman, Katherine Stevenson, Sarah Williamson, Rebecca Parrino, Rachel Patterson placed 3rd. The Novice Boys NC rowers Eric Evensen, Henry Franco, Nick Howard, Charlie Campbell and cox Jenna DeMarco placed 3rd


as submitted Mercer Lake Sprints/ISA Sculling Championships 2008

On Saturday, April 19th, the New Canaan High School Crew along with members of the Maritime Rowing Club competed in the Mercer Lake Sprints/ISA Sculling Championships nearPrinceton, New Jersey. The race course was 1500 meters for the heats and for the JV/2nd Varsity events. The Varsity events consisted of heats and finals and for the JV/2nd Varsity events each heat was rowed as a final. The course was lengthened to 2000 meters for the Varsity finals. 
The Varsity Quads had a great day with all boats qualifying for the finals. The Girls Varsity 4x (Kathleen, Holec, Patricia Kelley, Janette Kuhn, Ellen Penchuk) finished second in their heat and earned a silver medal in the finals. The boys Varsity MRC 4x (Ben Dann, Carter Aronson, Jordan Mastera, Sam Freedgood) won their heat and got a silver medal in the finals. Teammates NCHS 4x (Ben Hoeft, Jim Kahmann, David Cramer, Patrick Cleveland) placed third in their heat and had an amazing finals race to capture the bronze medal by .4 seconds.
The team was very successful in the JV/2nd Varsity races. The boys 2nd Varsity 2x (Charlie Kelly, Will Dannemann) won gold and 2x (Chris Schram, Dan Berman) placed 4th in their heat finals. The 2nd Varsity Quads all rowed to 2nd place finishes. The rowers earning silver medals were girls 2nd 4x (Marianne Hoeft, TaylorAnne Potter, Jessica Rosa, Kenzie Bess), boys 2nd 4x “A” (Dan Berman, Jackson Krupp, Michael Kucharczyk, Todd Ferreira) and boys 2nd 4x “B” (Will Dannemann, Charlie Campbell, Henry Franco, Charlie Kelly).
Due to wind conditions the Varsity 1x and 2x events were shortened to 1000 meters and each heat was rowed as an unofficial final. The boys Varsity 2x (Alec Buckenheimer, Andrew Campbell) placed 2nd and the Varsity 1x (Roger Stone) placed 4th.
New Canaan also had three girls competing for the Maritime Rowing Club Girls Rowing Team.  Anna Musky-Goldwyn brought home silver and bronze, rowing in both the girls Varsity 4+ and the Varsity 8+.  Also in the Varsity 8+ was Saxe MS 8th grader Abby Stevenson.  Paige Gonye won a gold medal in the Novice 8+.
The next race for NCHS Crew and MRC Boys is the Cooper Cup on Sunday, April 27th on the CooperRiver in New Jersey.  The MRC girls will be competing in the Founders Day Regatta.

as submitted Greenwich Invitational Regatta 2008

On Sunday, April 4th, New Canaan Rowers competing as NCHS Crew, Maritime RC and St. Luke’s participated in the 5th Annual NYPPEX Greenwich Invitational Regatta. Other teams attending included Convent of the Sacred Heart, E.O. Smith HS, Fairfield Prep, Glastonbury HS, Greenwich HS, Iona Prep, Middletown HS, Rye HS, and Saugatuck RC. The race was a two lane 1000 meter course. As the day progressed and weather conditions deteriorated, the course was shortened to 800 meters. 
The girls Varsity 4x was our first event of the day. The NCHS “A” (Janette Kuhn, Jen DeCata, Patricia Kelley, Kathleen Holec) won first in 4:39 beating Saugatuck and the NCHS “B” (Jessica Rosa, Marianne Hoeft, Kenzie Bess, Ellen Penchuk) raced unchallenged with a time of 5:09. The NCHS boys 8x “A”, Katherine Isaza (cox), Jackson Krupp, Conor Eagan, Karnes McCarrick, Ben Strassmann, Philip Bene, Mike Sulla, Scott Zales defeated the NCHS “B” Mike Kucharczyk (cox), Charlie Campbell, Eric Evensen, Matt Colodny, Micah Grand, Henry Franco, Nick Howard, Brock Harris, Ryan Harrelson. The girls Varsity 4+ Jenna DeMarco (cox), Leslie Griffin, TaylorAnne Potter, Maureen Sweeney, Caroline Reiss loss to Saugatuck. In the boys 2x, the NCHS boats lost to Saugatuck's 2:50.8 but rowed a great race side by side with Alec Buckenheimer and Andrew Campbell just barely edging out teammates Charlie Kelly and Will Dannemann, 2:54.5 to 2:54.7.
After the lunch break, the boy’s 4x event begin. The NCHS (Roger Stone, Nic Jackson, Matt Jackson, Jeremy Rotner) beat Greenwich Crew and St. Luke’s (Connor Stirland, Tyler Mink, James Lafranchietta, Andrew Veidenheimer) beat NCHS (Jackson Krupp, Ben Strassman, Mike Sulla, Scott Zales). The NCHS (Chris Schram, Colten Karnedy, Mike Kucharczyk, Dan Berman) defeated Saugatuck as did the NCHS (David Cramer, Jim Kahmann, Patrick Cleveland, Ben Hoeft). The MRC 4x (Ben Dann, Carter Aronson, Jordan Mastera, and Sam Freedgood) won with a time of 2:32 defeating Saugatuck “A”.
The NCHS girls Novice 8x (Sammy Escherich (cox), Sarah Liffman, Lilly Gorman, Julia Bemis, Katherine Stevenson, Rachel Parrino, Sarah Williamson, Kristi Carey, Erin McLevey) raced unchallenged. In the final race for NCHS, the girls Varsity 8+, Molly Frear (cox), Liza Bagley, Maureen Sweeney, Liz Perreca, Amanda Glatthorn, Georgie Hurst, Caroline McDonough, Stephanie Winsch, Julie Himmel lost to Glastonbury.

as submitted USRowing Junior Speed Order November 2007

Last Saturday in the wind and cold, New Canaan rowers Sam Freedgood, Jim Kahmann, Andrew Campbell and Roger Stone competed in the US Rowing November Junior Speed Order on Mercer Lake near Princeton, New Jersey.   Also rowing were teammates Ben Dann (Pound Ridge) and Carter Aronson (Rye).  The race was a single sculling 2k time trial and was one of the Junior National Team Selection events to help identify top rowers. Ben Dann placed 5th with a time of 7:49, Sam Freedgood 8th in 7:55, Andrew Campbell 16th in 8:06, Roger Stone 17th in 8:12, Carter Aronson 23rd in 8:33, and Jim Kahmann 25th in 8:37.  This race concludes the fall rowing season.


as submitted Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta 2007


On Sunday, November 11, NCHS Crew along with rowers from MRC competed in the 34th Annual Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta, a 1500 meter course along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. New Canaan’s first Race was the Women’s HS 4+ (Leslie Griffin, Maureen Sweeney, Caroline Reiss, TaylorAnne Potter, and cox Jenna DeMarco). The girls finished 2nd in their heat, advanced and placed 5th in the semi-finals.

For the remaining events, each event was rowed as a final. The Men’s HS 2x, MRC ‘A’ (Sam Freedgood/ Ben Dann) placed first in their event, MRC ‘B’ (Jim Kahmann/Carter Aronson) and NC (Patrick Cleveland/Dan Berman) both placed 2nd in their events. In the Women’s HS 2x, NC ‘A’ (Janette Kuhn, Kathleen Holec) placed 1st and NC ‘B’ (Patricia Kelley, Ellen Penchuk) placed 2nd. The Men’s JV 8+ (Andrew Campbell, Alec Buckenheimer, Will Dannemann, Charlie Kelly, Matt Todd, Jeremy Rotner, Matt Jackson, Roger Stone, cox Jenna DeMarco) placed 2nd.

NCHS and MRC had 6 entries in the three Men’s HS 4x events. In event #88, MRC (Dann, Kahmann, Aronson, Freedgood) placed 1st, NC ‘B’ (Stone, Buckenheimer, Kelly, Dannemann) placed 2nd, NC ‘E’ (Jackson Krupp, Mike Sulla, Scott Zales, Ben Strassmann) placed 6th. In event #89 NC ‘A’ (David Cramer, Chris Schram, Ben Hoeft, Jordan Mastera) placed 3rd and NC ‘C’ (Andrew Campbell, Matt Jackson, Matt Todd, Jeremy Rotner) place 5th. In event #90 NC ‘D’ (Colten Karnedy, Todd Ferreira, Phil Socci, Dan Berman) placed 5th. 



 as submitted New Canaan Fall Sprints 2007



On Sunday, November 4th, New Canaan High School Crew hosted the New Canaan Fall Sprints. This Regatta is intended to promote the development of competitive rowing among the scholastic and high school club programs active in this area. The regatta consists of head-style racing along a 1200 meter course, in a series of four flights. There were more JV and Novice events this year, and the four flights were arranged so that rowers were able to compete in more than one event. Novice events can be comprised only of first year rowers. The fourth flight was comprised of mixed events and must have equal numbers of men and women in each boat. The weather was perfect for rowing and other participating teams included Fairfield Prep, Farmington High School, GMS Rowing Club, Greenwich High School, Maritime Rowing Club, Norwalk River Rowing Association, Rye High School, Saugatuck Rowing Club and St. Luke’s School.

The Women’s Varsity 4x (Kathleen Holec, Patricia Kelley, Janette Kuhn, Ellen Penchuk) placed 1st. The Women’s Varsity 4+ (Leslie Griffin, TaylorAnne Potter, Maureen Sweeney, Caroline Reiss, cox Jenna DeMarco) placed 2nd. The Women’s Varsity 2x (Patricia Kelley, Ellen Penchuk) placed 4th. The Women’s Varsity 8+ (Jessica Rosa, Mackenzie Bess, Jen DeCata, Amanda Glatthorn, Heather Potts, Liza Bagley, Georgie Hurst, cox Maren Engh) placed 2nd.

In the Men’s Varsity 1x, MRC and NCHS swept the top three finishes. Ben Dann, Sam Freedgood and Patrick Cleveland had great finishes but the race results were incomplete due to another boat flipping by the finish line. The Men’s Varsity 4x (David Cramer, Ben Hoeft, Jordan Mastera, Chris Schram) placed 1st. The NCHS 2x (David Cramer, Chris Schram) and MRC 2x (Jim Kahmann, Carter Aronson) tied for 2nd place behind Saugatuck and NCHS 2x (Ben Hoeft, Jordan Mastera) placed 4th.

In the Men’s JV 4x (Roger Stone, Andrew Campbell, Jeremy Rotner, Matt Todd) placed 1st, (Patrick Cleveland, Charlie Kelly, Will Dannemann, Alec Buckenheimer) placed 2nd, (Dan Berman, Phil Socci, Colten Karnedy, Todd Ferreira) tied with St. Luke’s for 3rd, and (Jackson Krupp, Ben Strassmann, Mike Sulla, Scott Zales) placed 6th. The Men’s JV 8+ (Roger Stone, Will Dannemann, Charlie Kelly, Alec Buckenheimer, Andrew Campbell, Jeremy Rotner, Matt Todd, Ben Hoeft, cox Molly Frear) placed 1st and (Matt Jackson, Nicolas Jackson, Mike Kucharczyk, Conor Egan, Eric Evensen, Henry Franco, Charlie Campbell, Patrick Cleveland, cox Hilary Soohoo) placed 5th. The Men’s JV 2x was won by St. Luke’s (Tyler Mink, Conor Stirland), NCHS (Colten Karnedy, Todd Ferreira) placed 3rd and NCHS (Phil Socci, Jackson Krupp) placed 6th. Roger Stone tied with Saugatuck for 1st place in the Men’s JV 1x.

In the Novice events, many NCHS rowers rowed to victory in their very first races. The Women’s Novice 8x (Sarah Liffman, Emily Pik, Stephanie Winsch, Kristi Carey, Rebecca Parrino, Sarah Williamson, Katherine Stevenson, Erin McLevey, cox Samantha Escherich) placed 1st. The Men’s Novice 8x (Matt Colodny, Micah Grand, Brock Harris, Ryan H, Oliver, Sam Giardina, Matt McGuire, Ben Charas, cox Katherine Isaza) placed 1st. The Women’s Novice 4x (Sarah Liffman, Julia Bemis, Emily Griffith, Lilly Gorman) also placed 1st.

The Mixed Varsity 8+ MRC (Sam Freedgood, Ben Dann, Jim Kahmann, Carter Aronson, Kerry Donovan, Mary Nilan, Grace Preston, Abby Stevenson, cox Hadley Green) placed 1st, NCHS “A” (Leslie Griffin, Taylor Anne Potter, Maureen Sweeney, Gwen Reiss, Ben Hoeft, Jordan Mastera, David Cramer, Chris Schramm, cox Jenna DeMarco) placed 3rd, NCHS “B” (including Charlie Campbell, Sarah Corapi, Heather Potts, cox Maren Engh) placed 6th. The Mixed Varsity 8x (Dan Berman, Phil Socci, Colton Karnedy, Todd Ferreira, Jessica Rosa, Mackenzie Bess, Jen DeCata, Amanda Glatthorn, cox Hilary Soohoo) placed 1st and JV 8x (Jackson Krupp, Ben Strassmann, Mike Sulla, Matt Torpy, Liza Bagley, Georgie Hurst, cox Katherine Isaza) placed 2nd. The Mixed Novice 8x (including Phil Bene, Sarah Liffman, Lilly Gorman, Rebecca Parrino, Erin McLevey, cox Sammie Escherich) placed 1st and 8x (including Brock Harris, Sam Giardina, Matt McGuire, Julia Bemis, Emily Griffith, Katherine Stevenson, cox Andrew Campbell) placed 2nd.

The next race will be the Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta in Philadelphia on Sunday, November 11th. 


 as submitted: New Canaan Rowers Compete at Head of the Charles

 NCHS Crew along with MRC sent 11 New Canaan rowers to compete in the Head of the Charles this past weekend in Boston. An estimated 174,000 spectators watched the races from the banks and bridges along the Charles River. More than 8,200 rowers from 17 countries and 39 states participated. On Saturday, sophomore Roger Stone rowed the course in 20:42 in the very competitive Men’s Club Singles. On Sunday in the Men’s Youth Doubles Sam Freedgood/Ben Dann placed 6th in 18:27, Alec Buckenheimer/Andrew Campbell 12th in 18:55, and Jordan Mastera/Ben Hoeft 16th in 19:33. In the Women’s Youth Doubles Janette Kuhn/Kathleen Holec placed 9th in 21:32 and Patricia Kelley/Ellen Penchuk 11th in 22:00.  Also from New Canaan, Anna Musky-Goldwyn rowed in the MRC girls 8+ and finished 3rd. . All the rowers had impressive finishes after navigating the notoriously winding, 6-bridge, 3.2 mile course.



October 11, 2007  

NEW CANAAN ADVERTISER - New Canaan rowers star on the Housatonic

 NEW CANAAN NEWS REVIEW - NCHS Crew Challenges at the Housatonic


as submitted: NCHS Crew Head of the Housatonic 

On Saturday, October 6th, the NCHS Crew along with Maritime Rowing participated in the 13th annual Head of the Housatonic Regatta, hosted by the New Haven Rowing Club.  This year, over 2800 competitors participated on the 2.7 mile course in IndianWellState Park.   

The first event for the team was the Boys 1x.  Co-captain Sam Freedgood placed 2nd   in 17:50, Andrew Campbell 5th in 18:40 and Carter Aronson 9th in 19:47.  New Canaan controlled the Boys/Girls 8x with three boats.  In 1st place, the boys boat Chase Krivo, Charlie Campbell, Conor Eagan, Matt Jackson, Mike Kucharczyk, Matt Todd, Jeremy Rotner, Nick Jackson, and cox Andrew Campbell finished in 17:04.  In 2nd place the girls Georgie Hurst, Liz Perrecca, Heather Potts, Chris Wiegand, Paige O’Brien, Jen DeCata, Kenzie Bess, Patricia Kelley and cox Maren Engh finished in 18:37.  In 3rd place Katherine Stevenson, Kristi Carey, Rebecca Parrino, Emily Pik, Emily Griffith, Julia Bemis, Lily Gorman, Sarah Liffman, and cox Anna Sussman in 20:17.  The girls 8+ ,Maureen Sweeney, Caroline Reiss, Amanda Glatthorn, Abby Stevenson, Jessica Rosa, Liza Bagley, Taylor Anne Potter, Leslie Griffin, and cox Jenna DeMarco finished 16th in 17:49 among a field of 33 boats!  In the last event of the day for NCHS, the four boys quads finished in 1st, 2nd, 7th and 10th.  In 1st, Alec Buckenheimer, Will Dannemann, Charlie Kelly, Roger Stone with a time of 15:41.  In 2nd, Ben Hoeft, Jordan Mastera, Sam Freedgood, David Cramer in 15:47.  In 7th , Phil Socci, Todd Ferreira, Colten Karnedy, Dan Berman in 17:11.  In 10th, Mike Sulla, Scott Zales, Jackson Krupp, and Ben Strassman in 20:06 

A big thank you to co-captains Janette Kuhn and Kathleen Holec who did not row but helped launch all the boats to their successes!!  Upcoming races for the team will be the Head of the Charles October 21st, the Head of the Schuylkill October 27th, the NCHS Fall Sprints November 4th and the Bill Braxton Regatta November 11th.



 October 4, 2007  

NEW CANAAN ADVERTISER - Rowers heat up in Hartford  

 NEW CANAAN NEWS REVIEW - Capital Gains: Ram Rowers Take on Hartford's Riverfront

This past Sunday NCHS Crew along with Maritime Rowing Club competed at the Head of the Riverfront Regatta in Hartford, CT.  Over 2,000 rowers representing colleges, high schools and clubs competed in the 2.5 mile race.  In the Junior Men’s 1X, Jim Kahmann placed 2nd, Roger Stone 3rd, Patrick Cleveland 5th and Carter Aronson 8th.  In the Men’s Junior 4X, Ben Hoeft, Jordan Mastera, Chris Schram and David Cramer placed 1st   and Jeremy Rotner, Matt Todd, Will Dannemann and Charlie Kelly placed 4th.  The Women’s Junior 4X, Janette Kuhn, Kathleen Holec, Patricia Kelley and Ellen Penchuk also placed 1st.  Rowing in the Men’s Junior 2X, Sam Freedgood and Ben Dann placed 2nd and Alec Buckenheimer and Andrew Campbell placed 3rd.


 The next race for the team will be the Head of the Housatonic on Saturday, October 6th.




 September 27, 2007 


NEW CANAAN ADVERTISER - Off and rowing      


NEW CANAAN NEWS REVIEW - Strong Season Opener for NCHS Crew in New Milford


  On Sunday, September 23rd, New CanaanHigh School crew along with Maritime Rowing Club participated in the GMS Regatta in New Milford, CT.  The race course was a 6K head race (3.75 miles).  In a head race, competitor’s race against the clock and the crew with the fastest time is the winner.  Boats are started at 10 to 15 second intervals.  Sunday’s race had the added difficulty of rough water, a narrow gorge, wind, and patches of tenacious reeds.  A fun test of early season boatmanship! 

 The girls 2X (Kathleen Holec, Janette Kuhn) and 1X Patricia Kelley both placed 1st.  In the boys 1X, Sam Freedgood placed 2nd, Ben Dann 3rd, Jimmy Kahmann 4th and Carter Aronson 5th.  In the boys 2X U16, (Alec Buckenheimer, Andrew Campbell) placed 1st, (Will Dannemann, Charlie Kelly) placed 2nd and (Jeremy Rotner, Matt Todd) placed 5th.  In the 1X U16, Roger Stone placed 2nd. 

 The next race will be Sunday, September 30th at the Riverfront Regatta in Hartford, CT.









 "Marathon runners talk about hitting 'the wall' at the twenty-third mile of the race. What rowers confront isn't a wall; it's a hole - an abyss of pain, which opens up in the second minute of the race. Large needles are being driven into your thigh muscles, while your forearms seem to be splitting. Then the pain becomes confused and disorganized, not like the windedness of the runner or the leg burn of the biker but an all-over, savage unpleasantness. As you pass the five-hundred-meter mark, with three-quarters of the race still to row, you realize with dread that you are not going to make it to the finish, but at the same time the idea of letting your teammates down by not rowing your hardest is unthinkable...Therefore, you are going to die. Welcome to this life." -- Ashleigh Teitel



Everything you do is "in 2..."
you need to have a small pushy person around telling you what to do all the time
you can get up, get dressed and get out of the dorm before your eyes are fully open
you believe the world wouldn't exist without spandex
you only recognize your friends from behind
you stick water bottles in your shorts for no reason at all
you feel naked without clothing enough for 10 people on
you believe all authority figures carry a megaphone
you sit in class leaning to your rigger
half your body is bigger than the other
you can wear the same thing every morning for a week and not think twice
you think sleeping late is waking up at 8:30.
everything's a race: you walk quickly to class, just so you can pass people
when someone mentions being awake, you turn parallel and set up for it.
when you sit down in class, you look for the tie-in shoes.
you constantly check the tightness of nuts in handrails, chairs, door handles, etc.
you think gloves are for sissies, but a nice pair of poogies is really stylin'
you bring up the beauty of the dawn, and people give you blank stares
you know more than 4 brands of porta-johns by name.
you dress and undress one-handed so you don't have to take your hand off the oar
every time you sit in a chair you are mildly surprised to discover that it doesn't slide back and forth.



Faster up the slide!
(with a hint of hope) They're not going away as fast now
(On the way to the start), Is that OUR race going by ?
You're going to lose, DO SOMETHING!!
Heard after 20 pretty good strokes of a 25k steady state row ..."that's good, one minute gone."
It looks shallow here.
Let's focus on our technique now (as you cross over the 500m down mark).
Are we at full pressure?
We are walking on the official's launch.
When does our race start?
Last 10 strokes to the finish! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 okay only 5 more!
We are going to lose.
Does anybody know which side the sandbar's on here?
(When your coach screams) " SAVE THE EQUIPMENT!!!"
Skeg?? what skeg?
Look at that!!
Give me a power ten. One. . .Two. . .Three. (yawn) .Four. . . .
"I smell donuts."
hmm, this doesn't look the like the course...