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The objective of the New Canaan Public Schools’ Physical Education Curriculum is the teaching and development of lifelong skills and habits that promote physical wellness. Rowing is an example of a sport that affords our students such an opportunity.

New Canaan High School Crew was established in 1997 to promote the sport of Crew to high school athletes in the Town of New Canaan.  From 13 rowers in our first year, the program has grown in 2017 to more than 150 high school students from many of the surrounding towns.

As with most other high school sports, only a very small percentage of high school student athletes will ever have an opportunity to compete at the collegiate level in crew. New Canaan High School Crew is proud to have contributed to the development of several such rowers, who have gone on to row at schools like John Hopkins, Georgetown, Villanova, Wisconsin, MIT, Williams, WPI and Yale. And we are equally proud of those students who leave our program and may never row again competitively, but have acquired a skill and a passion they can enjoy throughout their adulthood.

Crew has been a collegiate sport for well over a hundred years, but the geographic and financial challenges of the sport have slowed its migration to the high school level. New Canaan High School is one of a handful of schools in Connecticut that offers a rowing training and development program to its student/athletes. Join Today!



Rowing obviously takes place in and around water, so there is always potential danger. All prospective rowers must take a swim test to demonstrate basic proficiency in the water. Coaches are strictly intolerant of horseplay in the boats and on the docks, and parents need consistently and regularly to reinforce this message with their children.



Attendance: Attendance at practice and at regattas is essential. An eight seat sweep boat with seven rowers can only go around in circles; and we can’t call “time” and send another rower out to the boat in the middle of a race. Rowing is a commitment to yourself and your teammates; they need you there at every practice and competition to be their best.

Clothing: Rowing involves movement and mechanical parts; the proper clothing contributes to performance, comfort, and safety, At practices, spandex shorts and tight fitting shirts are required. At Regattas, the team uniform is the Unisuit, which can be ordered in our Online Store.

Team: Your boat is a team, and New Canaan Crew is a team. Support your boatmates and your teammates, at practices, and especially at regattas, by attending the entire regatta and cheering on your teammates.



Attendance: Boats are a team, and they need to practice together. Unlike many other sports where players can be swapped in and out during a competition, the makeup of a boat is fixed. Your children need to attend practice consistently, so they and their boat can learn and improve. Please schedule doctor and other appointments around the team’s practice schedule; the team feels it when your son or daughter is not there. If an absence is absolutely unavoidable, please let the coach know as far in advance as possible, so he or she can make alternate plans for the rest of the team.

Regattas: It is important for all the rowers to have parents and teammates to cheer them on at our races. Plan to spend the whole day at the events whenever possible to encourage team spirit and enthusiasm. Regattas are also social events; look for the New Canaan High School Crew tent, wear team paraphernalia to help identify yourself as a NCHS Crew Parent, and gather around the food table for a snack and conversation.

Clothing: Support the team by purchasing NCHS Crew apparel in our Online Store.

Fundraising: There are a few major fundraising events held through the year to help with capital improvements and purchases; for example, a pie sale (fall), and a plant sale and car wash (spring.)
Please support the programs yourself and encourage your rower to solicit purchasers. Approximately 50% of the income from these events is profit to NCHS Crew.

NCHS Crew is a non-profit 501 (C ) 3 organization. Please consider giving a gift to the team. If you have corporate matching available, please use it to increase your gift.

Volunteer: Crew is a lot of fun, and it is a lot of work. Please consider a gift of your time and talents to enrich the experience of everyone involved in the program. We can always use more help at regattas, with publicity, with registration, and with fundraising. Volunteer Sign Up Sheet


(excerpted from the New Canaan High School Coaches’ Handbook 2004)
* Demonstrate knowledge of human growth and development as it relates to the teaching/learning process.

* Help students develop positive self concepts.

* Effectively organize time, space material, and equipment for instruction.

* Establish a positive learning environment.

* Demonstrate a knowledge of the relationship of athletics to the American public school system.

* Effectively communicate with student-athletes, parents, officials, and the media.

* Effectively assess student needs and progress.

* Effectively meet the needs of exceptional student-athletes.

* Facilitates the independence of the student-athlete as a learner.

* Meets professional responsibilities.