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Find the answers to some of your questions about rowing. 


Q: Do you need prior rowing experience to join the NCHS team?  

A:  No. Athletes that are new to crew row on the Novice team and learn the basics one step at a time.


Q:  Do I have to row year-round?  

A:  You do not need to join the team for all 4 seasons, however most rowers join for at least the Fall, Winter and Spring.


Q:  Where are practices held?  

A:  Effective March 31, 2018, on water practices will be held at Norwalk River Rowing Association, located at 1 Moody's Lane, Norwalk, CT.

All weight training and indoor rowing practicies will be held at the tanks on Van Zant Street.


Q:  When are practices?  

A:  Girls practice 3:30-5:00 pm  Mon-Fri  (Regular level HS Program)

     Boys practice 3:00-4:30 pm M-F  (Regular level HS Program)

     Advanced group practices 3:00-6:00 Tues-Fri and 9-12 Sat-Sun

     **Adjustments to the schedule (times & days of the week) may be made after the first week of the season depending on registration. 


Q:  What do I wear where for practices and regatta’s?

A:  Close fitting tops, lycra or rugby shorts or leggings are ideal. Anything too loose will catch in the seat and slides. It is important that our athletes dress for the weather.  This includes waterproof shells and dry fit gear.  Layers are often the name of the game. For Regatta’s, the team Unisuit is required.


Q:  What is a regatta like?

A:  Regattas generally last all day and, in the Spring, are often two or occasionally 3 days long.  The athletes usually travel to the venue with family or friends.  The parents watch from the team tent, where some prepare breakfast, lunches and snacks for the rowers and their parents/family members.  It is definitely an “extended family” team effort!


Q:  Do you row in the rain?

A:  Yes.  Rowing in inclement weather (within reason) builds character!  Moreover, rainy weather often creates great rowing conditions because it makes for calmer water.  Of course, we will not row when there are high winds or lightening.  On those days our athletes make use of our many rowing machines (or “ergs”)


Q: Do the boats tip over?

A:  It is almost impossible for the eight-person and four-person boats (or “shells”) to tip over.  However, the single and two-person boats can (and occasionally do) tip over.  For this reason: (1) in order to row with NCHS crew, you must be a competent swimmer able to tread water for at least seven minutes; (2) our coaches are in “launches” within sight of the rowers at all times; and (3) beginners rarely practice in one and two-person shells.