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Erg-a-thon is September 28, 2019
by posted 09/19/2019

Please support New Canaan Crew/Maritime Rowing Club's annual Ergathon to raise funds for new equipment.

Our goal is to maintain and expand our tradition of excellence
100% of your donations are tax-deductible.

New Canaan High School Crew Inc is a non-profit, 501C3 organization that raises funds to support our equipment needs of New Canaan Crew/Maritime Rowing Club.   If you are able to access matching funds for gifts, please contact Amy Plum at   or Eileen Thomas at  .

We thank you again for your generous support 

 Ready? DONATE!  ROW!

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2019 US Rowing Youth National Champions
by posted 06/27/2019

Mens 4x

Congratulations on the 5-PEAT!

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2019 US Rowing Youth National Championship Medalists
by posted 06/27/2019

Mens Lightweight Youth 4+ 🥉


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